Jul 24, 2019

Pensive ~

Be a good person, but don't waste time to prove it...

Having one of those days where a lot comes to mind
 in random moments.  I have thought about the people in my
 life and the ones who once were.  Life, you never know what
 will happen and who is really true or fake.  It is just
something you find out in everyday life.

The other day, out of the blues  Arvid said to me, "did you
thank Nirvana for buying me those chocolates?"  You see
 a while back my sister was visiting and we were out
shopping and I just happened to mention that
Arvid likes these particular chocolates.

 Next thing you know she has bought them for him.
 He was not able to thank her because after that
 she was soon on her way to the airport.

Arvid said he's not used to anyone buying anything for him.
 I said, "then you don't know my family too well."

When Rima visited us in Chicago, she also did something
 we're not used to.  Being taking out to dinner.  Was very nice.

In life many people are not really what they appear to be.
 The nicest of persons sometimes can be the fakest of all.

I always choose to see the good in people.
Sometimes very difficult, but I know that there is
 more good in this world than bad.  Someone said
 that when you choose to see the good in others,
 you end up finding the good in yourself.

To know people really, you must catch them in
 their very unhappy times! If they treat you well,
 then you can be sure that they are good people...