Jul 15, 2019

Yesterday In Kragerø

Everyday begins with new possibilities...

Yesterday I saw a new place in Norway called Kragerø.
Picturesque and quite beautiful.  Lots of restaurants on the 
water and people everywhere.  It was a busy place.  

When I picture Norway this is what comes to mind.  For me this is beautiful.

Unfortunately, it was cold and windy.  Even so 
we managed to walk around for a little and check out 
the cozy little town around the water.  I have never
 denied that Norway is beautiful.  Yesterday's
 outing once again confirmed that. 

Monday already.  A new week begins here 
in Norway for us. Counting down to home.  Five more
 nights in Norway.  One night in Sweden.  One night
 in NYC and then we will be home with Sniff. 

 With many things to do this week, I know (hope) 
time will go by fast.  In the meantime we continue
 to enjoy all that the new day/week offers.

It's a new day, fresh start, fresh energy, new
 opportunities. Get your mind right, be thankful, 
be positive and start your day right...