Jul 26, 2019

Happy Happy ~

Everything in life happens for a reason. I've learned over
 and over that life happens on its own terms, not mine...

Being home again is great.  Could not be happier, 
on the other hand, I miss two little girls.  Their smiles, 
their laughter, their hugs. Some of our best times 
were spent with them and with the family.  

The picture above was from the last evening
 everyone was together.  I can picture them
 right now and I smile.  Sister love forever.

Here in Chicago we are having beautiful weather.
  We were lucky that the heat wave the city experienced
 was during our time in Norway.  Now it's back
 to milder (still warm) temperatures. Happy.

Coming home and having a home cooked meal has 
been the best, but today I will be taking Arvid to one 
of our favorite steak restaurants, Smith and Wollensky. 
 The first time I have ever been to a Smith and Wollensky
was in New York City.  Loved it then and still do.

We have walks around the park, the river and in the city.
  Always something beautiful to see.  It's not depressing to look
 at nor is it boring.  Not a grey city.  Colorful and vibrant.

My sister Mala and Reshma are on a 2 week 
road trip across the US.  They started their trip from 
Vermont and plan to make it all the way to California,
 Las Vegas, The Grand Canon and more in between.  
Tonight they expect to be at Niagara Falls.  Mother and
 daughter.  Beautiful memories will be made.

I cannot stop saying how great it is to be home.

Wishing everyone a happy Friday.  Cheers to the day ahead.

Being happy never goes out of style.
Simplicity makes me happy...