Jul 27, 2019

This City ~ Chicago

Because when you stop and look
 around, this life is pretty amazing...

There is not a single person that comes to Chicago 
and does not fall in love with the city.  At least my
 friends and family.  Especially in the summer.  This may
 definitely be one of the most beautiful cites I have
 ever been to, and I have been to quite a few.

Yesterday we had a great outing.  Started with a 
good meal.  Sometimes it's a hit or miss, but yesterday 
the steak was pretty good according to Arvid.  I choose to
 have crab cakes (at a steakhouse).  It was very delicious.

The contrast of the skyscrapers and the river is breathtaking.

Yesterday we found an outdoor place playing Island music.
  With the beautiful weather, a delicious rum punch and
 soothing music, it made for a great afternoon.

I love city life. As far as we are concerned, nothing compares to it.

Hello Saturday.  Let's make it a great day.

It is the unexpected that changes our life.
Chicago, a facade of skyscrapers facing the lake...