Jul 20, 2019

Saturday ~ One Step Closer To Home

Goodbyes are not forever.  Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I'll miss you until we meet again...

It's goodbye to Norway for this summer. 
 One step closer to home.  This has been
 another very good summer in Norway

Seeing Arvid and his mom say goodbye
has been emotional to say the least.

 Beautiful memories were made and there was
 lots of love an laughter going around, but nothing 
beats going home.  We leave Norway and
 we head to Sweden for our last night.

I leave with you some of our favorite moments 
in Norway.  Thank you all for making
 this a very special summer for us.

The house above was once Arvid's summer home in Norway.
The first few years this was where we stayed.  It holds many 
special memories, and some I can live without (toilet).

Until next year.  It's been a good summer, but I am 
so happy to be going home.  No matter where we go,
going home is the day we look forward to the most. 

 That is until we get the itch to go someplace again. 
 For now its home to Sniff.  One step closer.
  One night less.  I'm SUPER HAPPY!

Life take you to unexpected places.
  Love brings you home...