Jul 5, 2019

Family ~Max and Danielle

Siblings: your only enemy you can't live without.
Children of the same parents, each of whom
 is perfectly normal until they get together...

I finally got a few pictures from Max and Danielle. Late but,
i'm happy now.  Aside from doing the sights, the Vatican
 and some in Rome, they also decided to spend an
 afternoon learning to make pasta while there.

Just for the fun of it.  They both like to cook so for 
them it will be even more fun.  They took a lesson in
 making pasta and as you can see they did pretty well.

They are back home again.  has a great time and
 are now back to working.  Danielle is home in Tampa
pet sitting Texie their doggie as her parents take a week
 off to Puerto Rico to celebrate their Anniversary.

Danielle knows exactly what she wants.
 She wants to work for an editing company in New York,
 Boston and maybe a few other cities.  She was offered
 a job in Miami but refused.  Said it was too hot.

She was offered a job in California, but after
weighing in the pros and cons decided against it.

A girl with a mind of her own.  Arvid and I invited her to
stay in our apartment in Chicago while we are in Norway,
 of course that meant pet-sitting Sniff.  Unfortunately
it did not work out.  She's sad and we are too.

Luckily we found a girl in our building.  Sniff
will be well cared for.  That is always my priority.

I learned that we can do anything, but we can't do
 everything... at least not at the same time. So think of
 your priorities not in terms of what activities you 
do, but when you do them. Timing is everything...