Jul 31, 2019

Too Early ~

When you start your day with a grateful
 heart, light illuminates from within...

I have been a wake for hours.  Why I am not sure. 
 Arvid is sound asleep as he should be, but
 Sniff of course is wide awake with me.  

I have already brushed him, played with him and 
given him is first of many foddies for the day.  Pretty
 soon I am sure he will be heading back to his bed 
with his dada, which is what I should also do.

The city lights are still twinkling as I sit here with
 my cafe.  The everything is super quiet at this hour.  
Peaceful and calming.  Hopefully I will be able to get
 some more sleep before the day really begins for us.

My sister Mala and Reshma are still 
on their road trip. They have seen many of
 the beautiful sites in these United States of America,
 and the moments captured, and the memories
 they made will forever be one that will
always be cherished.  Mother and daughter. 
Special moments.

Sniff is running around like a little madman right now.
 He just used the litter pan and is super charged.
 Always this way after he does his business.

Wednesday here already.  Time sure flies
when you're having fun.  Good morning world. 
Wishing you a day filled with all things good.

No regrets in life, just lessons learned...