Jul 18, 2019

Bittersweet ~

How lucky we are to have something 
that makes saying goodbye so hard...

It’s become a tradition to gather at Michelle and 
Emil’s home on the last evening we’re in Norway. 

It used to be at Arvids moms, but since she is now a
 little more fragile, and yes 91 we do it at Michelle’s. 

 Today is that day.  Even though we do not 
leave Norway until Saturday, Michelle and family
 leave for a little vacation to Denmark.  

The last evening is always bittersweet.  Yes we
 have been waiting a long tine to go home, but now
 that the day is here it’s suddenly a little sad knowing
 we won’t be seeing them for a long time to come.

Michelle makes a meal her dad likes.  I don’t eat
 it neither does Victoria so she makes chicken
 for us. This way everyone is very happy.

I have enjoyed the Norwegian weather very much. 
I have enjoyed time with the little girls so so 
much, and tomorrow we baby sit them for a
little so that should be fun. They wear
 us out, but it’s a good wearing out.

 We have enjoyed time with Michelle and Emil,
 also with Victoria and Michael. Arvid has spent time
 with his mom almost everyday which was good.

We have seen a new place this year in Norway,
called Kragerø.  On Saturday we will be in a place called
Grebbestad in Sweden.  All in all I will have seen two
 new places this year.  Not a bad summer after all.

Yesterday was spent mostly waiting for a call
 from the people delivering a new refrigerator to
Arvid's mom.  Once the call came we ran over to her 
place to help with the removing and installing of the
 new one. Always glad when we stay busy.

It was supposed to be installed yesterday as well
but when Arvid called the installation guy this is what
he said, "can't do this today.  I don't work after 3pm and
 since it's 2pm the job will probably run past 3pm" 

 It was only 2pm when Arvid made the call.  
Not sure how business is handled here. One thing
 about Norway, there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Back home in the USA people work hard for a living.  
Those who work.  In Norway I have noticed the system 
is very "SLACK" if you don't want to work, you get
 a doctor's note and you get time off with pay. 

 They have something called NAV here.   NAV 
Unless you work for yourself, the government will take 
care of you if you know how to milk the system.  
Seems like everyone knows how to do it.  
Everyone who works for someone else.

Yesterday we had the last pizza here in Horten 
for this summer.  We also had an outing to Fishland.  
Just Arvid and I.  We did ask his mom to come with us, 
but she said she was a little tired.  Understandably.

Tomorrow we treat her to an outing for dinner. 
 Just the 3 of us.  Our last day in Horten.  I'm so
 happy it's our last day, but at the same time I am 
sad because I picture Arvid's mom.  All alone in
 her apartment.  No company.  She's 91 and 
that's a very sad and lonely picture.

Life.  You can't always get what you want.
Thank you all for the memories this summer.

My mind is set on going home.  Home where Sniff is.

Life is too ironic to understand it.  It takes sadness 
to know what happiness is.  Noise to appreciate
 silence and absence to value presence...