Jul 6, 2019

Saturday In Horten, Norway ~

During the day I keep myself busy and sometimes 
time passes.  But at night I really miss you...

Beautiful scenery everywhere you turn.  Norway sure is pretty.
It has been really cold, but at least it is not raining.  I like it a lot. 
 Temperature that is.  We have been catching up with family.

The flowers are in bloom.  Just the same as in Chicago.

We have been to the park and saw our eldest granddaughter sing.  
She was part of a little singing program.  She is a cutie.

The view from Arvids mother 's apartment.  Pretty impressive.

I am enjoying taking pictures.  For now.

So far we are having a good time.  I really miss Sniff 
and the other night I did not sleep at all.  I was thinking of 
him and worried because his pet sitter was late coming to
 check on him.  All is good, but no one can make me stop 
worrying.  He's my Sniff, and I miss his very much.

Today is our fourth day in Norway.  Happy Saturday all.

It's truly amazing what happens when you 
let go of all the negativity and drama, your 
days become so much better and easier...