Nov 10, 2020

Thought For The Day ~

No one in this world is pure and perfect.
if you avoid people for their little mistakes,  you will 
always be alone.  So judge less and love more...

A very good thought.  Maybe we all should 
start practicing it.  Starting with myself.  I don't
 believe I am judgmental, but someone once
 pointed out to me that I can be. 

 Gave me a moment of pause and time to reflect.
  I hope I am better than this, but I will have to
 make a conscious effort to "check" myself.

I like all of you do not know anyone's circumstances. 
 A person may present a certain face to us, but in reality
 we do not know their story.  As they say, behind every
 smile there is a story.  If at some time I have offended 
someone, I apologize.  It has never been intentional 😔.

A new day begins.  With the new day comes other
 chance to set things right.  And let's remember don't
 judge a situation you've never been into 😘.

Lots and lots of rain in our future.  The
 boys are staying busy with random work. 

There is a story behind every person.  There's a
 reason why they're the way they are.  Think 
about that before you judge someone...