Nov 12, 2020

Thursday November 12th ~

 Spend time thinking of what you 
want rather than what you don't want...

Dark skies continue to "haunt" us as does the rain,
 but even so it's pretty to see the contrast amongst the palm trees. 
 Arvid still finding chores to do in order to keep busy.  Soon 
we hope to have our very own hammock set up.  

Yesterday I did a mini walk in the rain just so that I 
can leave food for the kitties.  Fortunately, they were all
 there.  Just waiting.  And just like that the rain eased off
 for half an hour.  They were able to eat their foodies and I
 was happy, even though I was unable to compete my walk.

A new kitty showed up.  Tiny grey and white.  Very 
skinny and hungry.  He ate fast then took off even faster.

The above picture is our visibility from 
the bedroom.  Now going on for days.

The above is how it is right now.  Bleak and pretty
 boring days here, even if we live in a tropical paradise.  Rain
 is rain no matter where you go, and yes it is warm rain.

Sniff seems to be in great spirits once again.  He has 
gotten into living in the islands.  I'm pretty sure when we go
 back home he will definitely adjust right away, and will be 
very happy to go back on his beds and favorite spots.  For now,
 he is discovering new spots right here in Puerto Rico.

A few small chores in store for us today.  Always something
 to do.  Love it.  Happy Thursday all.  Soon it's countdown for 
Thanksgiving.  Happy to be in Puerto Rico and we look forward 
to spending it with my sister Nirvana, J and Kimsy.

Life is a journey with problems to solve and lessons 
to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy...