Nov 24, 2020

Tuesday November 24th ~

Die with memories.  Not dreams...
It has rained on and off already a few times.  Nothing
 drastic, but when it rains it's a downpour.  It lasts just a few 
minutes and then it's all cleared up again.  Happy for
 that, and it is warm rain, so not that bad either.

Tuesday, nothing extraordinary planned.  I am getting
 feedback from friends from all over the country on the 
shortage once again of toilet paper.  The world is going 
to hell fast.  Hopefully the journey will end soon.

My morning walks keep me happy and I have
 motivation.  To make sure the little kitties are fed. 
 Some mornings even when it's raining I feel like I have
 to get out just to make sure they little ones have their
 foodies.  Yesterday, I got wet, but the kitties ate.

The kitties get three cans of foodies a day plus dry
 food, every morning that I am out walking.  Yesterday
 two of the babies, one pictured above were crying their eyes 
out because I did not walk the day before.  They were 
starving.  Now I am always guilty when I do not walk.

Happy Tuesday all.  Today I have Brutus and Shadow
 in my thoughts.  So many memories.  I would really
 love right now to hold our Brutus for a little while.

Life brings tears, smiles, and memories.
 The tears dry, the smiles fade, but the memories 
last forever.  Some memories never fade...