Nov 4, 2020

Wednesday November 4th ~

 Patience is not simply the ability to wait 
 it's how we behave while we're waiting...

Look who was waiting for me this morning. 
 I named him shy boy/girl.  They know what time I walk and 
someone is always lurking waiting for me.  make my day. 
 I now have a weekly 😍budget for these kitties 

Arvid now thinks he's Puerto Rican.  Yesterday he said 
to me, "can you make some of that really good root chips 
you usually make?" The root is malanga or taro.  

I made it once never thinking Arvid would like it,
 but he ate most of them.  Ever since I have been making it
 at least once a week for him.  He said, it's elections night so 
we should have some of that good chips.  We did.

Still waiting to see who our President for the next four 
years will be.  Arvid, Sniff and I are rooting for Trump as
 are mom and dad.  My sisters this year went the "other" way.  
My nieces and nephews are borderline radicals 😂😁

Hopefully results will be in later today.  At the end of the day,
 Trump or Biden what matters is that they do what's best
 for America.  Friendships have been ruined because of 
these elections.  That I think is going to far.

Here in Puerto Rico we also had elections last night.  From
 our balcony you could hear the cars blasting and the music.
  Puerto Ricans never fail to express their emotions.  I LOVE it.

Happy Wednesday all.  Let's see what the day holds.  
Will I smile or will I be pissed off?  Time will tell.

Change will not come if we wait for some other
person or some other time. We are the ones we've been
 waiting for. We are the change that we seek...