Nov 16, 2020

Holiday Season ~Monday November 16th

There's something about a Holiday that isn't 
all about how much money you spend 🎄...

 It's a new week with new expectations and who
 knows what to expect.  That is how life is today during 
these Coronavirus times.  Expect the unexpected. 

 Even so, some things will not change.  That is the,
 celebrations may be held differently, but you can 
still feel the vibe of the people all around you. 
 Puerto Ricans are happy people. 

 They make the most of what they have and they
 really enjoy life.  Take for instance Kimsy, our niece. 
 What made her the happiest right now was to
 decorate a Christmas tree with her mom.

  Because of Coronavirus they get to spend Christmas 
together, and luckily so do Arvid and I.  We get to 
spend it with them, unless something happens and 
the governor orders a lockdown.  Hopefully not. 

 I remember Christmas in Puerto Rico when I was
 a child.  The happiest Christmases ever.  I look forward
 to seeing some of the festivities with Arvid.  

Monday again.  Time is flying.  Soon it is Thanksgiving 
and we also get to spend it with my sister, J and 
Kimsy. Life is good and I am very grateful.  

As the new week begins, I wish everyone 
happy days and better ones to come.  Yesterday was not
 a good day for the USA as far as number of cases of
 COVID.  Hopefully this week will be better.

Florida, Missouri, California, Illinois just to name a few
 added over 10,000 Covid cases yesterday.  NO Bueno at all.

One small positive thought in the morning can 
change your whole day.  New week, bring it on...