Nov 20, 2020

Friday ~

 Strength does not come from physical capacity,
 it comes from an indomitable will...

 The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our daily 
lives in more ways than we could have ever thought. 
Who would have imagined coming out of your own
 home all masked up?  Not me.  A first for all.

At least once a week I keep track of the cases where our 
families live.  We have family in Norway, where they are
 also seeing a rise in COVID cases, even though Norway 
still remains one in the lowest of cases in Europe 😷.

My sister Rima and family lives in California. 
 California is about to be shutdown all over again.  We 
are living in some extremely crazy times right now.

The global coronavirus has quickly transformed
 our language to include many words and phrases that 
were not part of our daily vocabulary, such as
"social distancing" and "quarantine."

Puerto Rico has many restrictions in place as of
 right now,  and who knows what is coming next.  
Same to be said of everywhere in the world.

Friday. Random rainstorms happening.  One minute
 you think the storm will swallow you up then within
 minutes the skies clear up.  Right now it's story.

To all a happy Friday and a good start of the weekend.

May your weekend be filled with positive
 thoughts, kind people and happy moments...