Nov 18, 2020

Wednesday Already ~

 Take all the swift advantage of the hours...

Next week is Thanksgiving.  This month has sure
 sped by way too fast.  I can already see our time here
 getting closer to the end.  Usually I am so happy to leave from
 wherever we are, but I do not want to leave Puerto Rico.  This
 has been one of the most relaxing and enjoyable times.

I love the afternoons.  We relax and I practice my
 bird watching and photography skills.  Does
 not really get much better than this.

Yesterday the "backyard" kitties showed up.  I had some
 chicken so I threw it to them.  I can't get to the neighbors
 yard, so this was really the only way.  They loved it.

Arvid and I went for a walk yesterday along the beach
 and park.  Due to COVID, we are not allowed to go swimming.  
This is in effect until December 15th I believe at which time
 the governor will consider new measures.  If the cases do 
no go down she has "promised" to do another lockdown.
  Hopefully we do not get to that stage. Fingers crossed.

As if 2020 was not already "interesting" yesterday
 the island had a tornado to spice things up some.  Tornado

Life becomes more meaningful when you realize the 
simple fact that you'll never get the same moment twice...