Nov 25, 2020

Making Beautiful Memories In Puerto Rico ~

 Little moments, big memories...

Yesterday the hammock was finally set up.  It required
a lot of heavy drilling into a cement wall, but we got the
 right man for the job and just like that it was done.

Of course Arvid had to help to drill the hole in the wall. 
 The buildings are made like bunkers.  Strong as hell, 
and that's really good except when you need to drill 
a hole in the wall.  Then you have a problem.

My little feral kitties are having turkey all week. 
 I bought  some turkey breasts, and every night I prepare 
a little bit for them.  Started with it yesterday and it continues
 until I run out of turkey.  This was their treat for today.  
Together with their canned food and dry food.

The look on baby's face said it all.  This was yesterday
 after having his turkey.  I already love them all.

Sniff is his usual relaxed self.  Everyone loves him 
and he seems to love everyone.  I call him a little traitor
at times, because he's so friendly with everyone.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day.  Take a minute
 to be kind to those less fortunate.  It costs noting,
but can sure make a difference to someone

Many will not be having that Thanksgiving meal, 
so if you find it in your heart to share what you have, 
if only for one day, someone will be grateful and happy. 
 You would have made a difference in someone's 
life.  It's the little things that make the most impact.

The best things in life are not things, they are moments.
Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing...