Nov 2, 2020

Monday November 2nd ~

Don't make things too complicated.  Try to relax,
 enjoy every moment, get used to everything...

Mornings.  Always a beautiful time of the day.  Today it
 has not started to rain as yet.  The sun is rising and I am happy. 
🕡 Time to get the week started, and what better way than my
 morning walk and feeding the little stay kitties.  Happy times.

This little kitty visits us every afternoon. 
 We see her from our balcony. Her favorite pass time is 
to stare at us and when she gets bored, she poops on one of 
the neighbors backyard.  So far we have seen her doing at
 two different times., different backyards.  happy little one. 
 I took food for her but she never even went close to it.

The elections are days away.  Who knows a new 
president may be in our future.  Whoever it is, so be it.  
We did what we had to.  Happy Monday to all and 
may the week ahead of us be a memorable one.

I woke up to another stunning sunrise, and last night we went 
to sleep with the brightness of the moon.  Arvid woke up
 saying, "another day in Paradise."  He sure ain't wrong.

Life is short, and if we enjoy every moment of every 
day, then we will be happy no matter what happens
 or what changes come along the way...