Nov 22, 2020

Sunday ~

 Say hello to the next great thing in your life...

Mornings are my favorite time of the day.  Walks, coffee
 and the little stray kitties make it the perfect start of the day.

The kitties now know my route so they wait patiently
 for me.  I'm always guilty on the days I do not go walking. 
 I picture them meowing for foodies, but I remind myself that 
they still need to be able to find food on their own.  Because 
when we leave, they will starve if they forget how to hunt.

I mean who can resist a face like this?  Definitely not me.  

Quiet day at home.  rain has been an off and on occurrence
 the last few days.  One minute it's beautiful then suddenly
 it looks like we are about to be hit by a major hurricane.  
Island life, you never know what to expect 🌴

Everyday we must learn to cherish all our happy moments.

How does your Sunday look like amigos?  
Beautiful sunny start of our day.  Hopefully it holds.

I want a life full of happy moments, happy
 feelings, laughter and smiles.  With you...