Nov 3, 2020

Tuesday November 3rd~ 2020 US Presidential Elections

 Que sera, sera, whatever will be; will be
 the future's not ours to see, que sera, sera...

Today is the day.  Let's hope you all did your best. Tuesday 
November, 3rd 2020 United States Presidential elections.

Now to wait.  Waiting is not what I do best, but it is what it is.

Good morning everyone.  I saw my kitties again this morning.
  Sniff has everything he could every want, so sharing with
 the other kitties is the perfect way to make me happy.

Today promises to be a very tense day.  Hopefully 
Americans will be civilized whatever the outcome will be. 
 Hopefully we will also have no riots, no protests, no killings.  
One can always hope for a better tomorrow, and hopefully
 Donald Trump wins the elections again.  Looking
 forwardto 4 more years of Trump, que sera, sera.

I remember when Halloween was the scariest
 night of the year.  Now it's Election night.