Nov 15, 2020

Sunday November 15th ~

 Sometimes you have to accept the fact that certain 
things will never go back to how they used to be...

Today is our last outing before the new guidelines are
 implemented in Puerto Rico due to COVID.  Tougher restrictions
 are on their way like it or not.  Life has changed no matter what part 
of the world you find yourself in.  COVID times are here for
 the long haul it seems.  So today we go all the way out.

We are enjoying more "freedom" here in Puerto Rico. 
 Should we go back to Florida right now, I do not think we 
would be doing much of the things we do right now.

We are enjoying the few freedoms still available to us.
How long it will last no one knows.  Life goes on.

Every minute spent worrying about  "the way things were"
is a moment stolen from creating "the way things can be"...