Nov 23, 2020

Monday ~ A New Week Begins Again

 A new week rolls in.  A week full of promise, potential, and 
endless possibilities.  A week for you to pursue your dreams...

The year is soon over.  Seems like not fast enough right 
now.  2020 so far has been one of the most terrible times the 
world has and is still living.  COVID has spared no one.

COVID sure has changed the way life was, 
and most likely for many it has changed the way 
life will be in the future.  So much we take for granted, 
hopefully when this is "over" we will not forget
 what and who is really important in life.

By Emilita Cornain

One thing that is certain, we know that adjusting to
change can be challenging. Be it planned or unplanned,
gradual or sudden, change is inevitable and
very much part of being human.

Over the past few months, we’ve experienced an
unprecedented shift in our way of life due to COVID-19.
Pre-pandemic, who would’ve thought that toilet paper could
become as precious as gold! And now, a trip to do a weekly
grocery shop seems like an adventure of its own! Before we
know it, we’ve (reluctantly) let go of our old normal and
now settling into what seems to be our new normal.

Once again toilet paper is difficult to find in the stores.
SOLD OUT!! Not panicking, but it won't hurt to go and
get a few extra rolls of toilet paper. Just incase.

Let all hope this week brings us closer to the COVID
vaccine, and that this terrible pandemic will soon near its end.
One can hope and being positive never killed anyone.
Hello Monday. Let's get this week rolling.

Give yourself the space and time to grieve, to celebrate,
and to feel every emotion in between, during this challenging
time. We are living in a situation that never happened before
(at least in our lifetime), and it is impacting each and every one of
us in a unique way. How we deal with it could be our saving grace.

We are in this together-and we will get through this together...