Nov 30, 2020

Monday November 30th~

 Keep your eyes open and try to catch people
 in your company doing something right,
 then praise them for it...

This is how Sniff feels right now.  He was awake too
 early this morning and now he feels as if the rest of
 the week will be  something of a challenge.

But then the morning progressed and Sniff realized that 
it's a beautiful day, and there is so much to be grateful and
 happy about.  Yay!  happy times for Sniff again.  He is now
 ready to settle down for another "much needed" nap.

Woke up to an amazing sunrise.  How fortunate we are.
  The sun rises right in front of our balcony, and
 it's amazing.  Never ever will get tired of it.

Sunrise this morning at 6:00 AM from our balcony, and 
then as I was walking around 6:30 AM.  Above picture.

Here below was last night.  The moon is Puerto Rico is
 stunning.  Seen from our balcony every last week of the  month.

I had a good walk this morning.  The kitties were
 waiting for me.  Hungry because I didn't see them yesterday.

  Happy Monday everyone.  Make this an amazing new week. 
Last day of November 2020.  Sniff is already basking in
 the sun.  His favorite, well one of his favorite things to do. 
 His most favorite is sitting with his dada watching TV.

Monday.  Let's do this.

What you tell yourself everyday will either lift you up 
or tear you down.  Strive for progress not perfection...