Feb 3, 2021

Cold Day ~ February 3rd

 Have a warm hot mug with your favorite 
soothing brew to keep the chill away...

I was looking forward so much to my Indian food, and
 finally we brought it home.  Takeout is not the same as eating
 in the restaurant.  At least not this meal.  My garlic naan
 was already cold and soggy.  Though one of my favorite 
cuisines, I think I will pass on future takeout 😭.

I did also give in to my chocolate craving.
 Was easy.  I saw and I wanted.

Was a humungous slice and after a few times of having
 some I had to sacrifice the rest.  Very sad, but I could not eat
 anymore.  Arvid is of no help.  He would not even try it.

Sniff is cold, so of course I pulled out his sweaters.  He liked 
neither of the two, but at least this time he did not fight to
 get out of them.  He just didn't want them on for too long.  
Truth is he's just too cute so I had to get pictures of him.

The "cold" was also too much for the "Viking" bundled
 up indoors even though it was pretty warm.  At least he
 made us hot chocolate, so all was good in the end.

Another cold spell for us.  But after today it should 
gradually warm up.  Arvid not taking chances so we have
 the flannel blanket together with three other layers on
 on bed.  I do not use them all, but Arvid sure does,
 and does not even get hot under all these covers.

To all a happy day.  The "freeze" is still on in
South Florida.  How is it in your part of the world?

I just wanna say good morning,
 keep warm and enjoy your day...