Feb 19, 2021

Friday ~😷🌴😎

Make sure every moment counts as a life priority....

This pandemic crisis we are all living through
 is really getting to me today.  Talked Rima yesterday, 
and she said the same.  Being "locked" up really
 changes one's perspective and views in life😷.

  Very much so.  For instance, Rima who loved,
 and still loves California is starting to see more of the
 not so good in the Golden State.  The pandemic
 has definitely changed the way we see life.

It's FridayπŸ₯±.  For Arvid and I not our typical Friday.  
Since March of 2020 while we have been in Florida we 
have not gone anywhere.  Some days it gets to me more 
than othersπŸ™„  Another reason why we loved living so 
much in Puerto Rico.  We had a little more freedom.

Enough whining for now. It's warm and that alone is so 
much better than being in pandemic times in the freezing 
cold.  For that and for so many other reasons, I am grateful. 
 Friday, I guess it's balcony time and piΓ±a coladas today.

We need to give grace and second 
chances because we need this in return....