Feb 28, 2021

Sunday February 28th

Enjoy the peaceful moments you have 
because these moments are very rare...

Being here in North Carolina with mom and dad is 
always peaceful and stress free.  For my sisters as 
well this is the place we all look forward to coming. 
 It is where for a few days we can forget the stresses in
 our daily lives and just be at peace with ourselves.

The quietness, the peacefulness, it  just calls to
 you.  I can't say I would like to live here, but for
 a few days it's exactly what the soul needs. 

Good morning everyone.  I hope you all have a 
place like this, where your mind is at ease 
and your heart is content and happy.

In each and every day may you take a moment for yourself.
  Close your eyes.  Enjoy the silence.  Slow down. 
 Breathe.  Be still.  Reflect.  Simply be...