Feb 26, 2021

Friday January 26th North Carolina ~

 It takes a moment to make memories
 and a lifetime to forget them...

For the next couple of days we will be making 
memories once again in North Carolina with my parents.  
It's cold, and I am expecting Arvid to complain quite
 a lot about that.  Can't be helped, at the same time
 it won't stop us from having a good time. 

 Of course a few cold ones with my dad is also 
going to help. When we arrived last night, Arvid and 
my dad already indulged in a few cold ones.  Helps to 
keep the cold away 😂, at least that's what they say.

  They always do.  They tell stories of their childhood,
 and so begins always our stay in North Carolina.
 Always, always a happy time. So thankful 💙

For the next few days, all I will do is enjoy the
 time I have with my parents.  For tomorrow is never 
promised to any of us. It's realizing that a great dream 
is not as good as a great memory. The dream can be 
had by anyone. The memory - must be made.

Our pictures are our footprints. It’s
 the best way to tell people we were here...