Feb 7, 2021

Sunday February 7th ~

 Sometimes what you’re looking for
 comes when you’re not looking at all....

Sunday.  What can I say. Covid is getting to me 
today a little too much today.  I miss my parents and sisters. 
 Imagine, Arvid has not seen his mother since the summer 
of 2019.  For sure he has to get there this summer 
Covid or no Covid. She is after all in her 90’s

Last night we had a friend over for drinks and 
some nibbles.  Was very nice.  Lots of laughter and 
good times. Even Sniff was happy to have company.

Last night I also made a batch of Cosmos.  
Very good, but boy so very strong.  Lasted me
the entire night, and even so, at the end I had to 
dump some of it.  maybe a little more today as
 we relax?  Quiet Sunday Sound good already.

Today I plan to make dinner at home. No takeout😃.
 Usually on a Sundays we do takeout, but Arvid and I feel 
like having steak, and Arvid does not like when we do
 it as takeout.  Steak, baked potatoes, Béarnaise sauce
 and a little salad. I’m already anticipating my meal, 
but not the clean up.  Goes with the territory

Not much happening here.  Soccer today ⚽ 
Some cleaning up after last nights visit.  It’s a taking
 it easy kind of Sunday. Just like last Sunday 🤫 Time
 to chill on this beautiful day.  Happy day to all.

Take time to be quiet...