Feb 16, 2021

Tuesday February 16th ~

 A little progress each day adds up to big results...

The conditions for the next few days here in Fort Lauderdale. 
 Yes, we are very fortunate.  This February so far has been the
 warmest in a long time.  temperatures are  five to 10 degrees 
warmer than usual.  And we have not had any rain.  Last year
 when Michelle and family were here it rained quite a lot 😡.

Branson, Missouri which we called home for almost
 two years is experiencing one of their worst winters in a
 very long time.  Super cold and the snow is still coming 
down. Dangerous conditions for sure everywhere.

The above picture was taken looking across the 
street from Almost Home.  When we lived there it did get
 cold, but we never had this much snow to deal with.

On a different note, Arvid was talking to his brother. 
 They got to talking about days back in Norway and the
 things they did.  Lots of memories and laughter.  

They talked about a car Arvid owned back in 1978-1979. 
 Called Sundance Kid  A dragster.  His brother then saw
 the same car Arvid had back then in the newspaper. 
 Back then in Norway, this was the fastest car.

It seems the entire nation is going through some
 terrible weather.  Texas is setting record lows for
 temperature and the snow does not help.

Texas Blizzard or in Norwegian 

Either way you look at it its bad.  Take a look at the
 temperatures around the USA, and then you have Florida
 and Puerto Rico.  Fajardo is where Arvid, Sniff, 
and I lived when we were in Puerto Rico.

Yesterday we worked cleaning up our friends warehouse. 
 Yes, we do work and we are constantly doing things so when
 it gets to the afternoons/evenings it is our quiet time.

 It seems that is when I phone rings all day long. 
 Lately I have been getting way too many calls in
 the evenings.  That is our time, and unless it is
 an emergency I will not take your call., at 
least my phone is on.  Arvid turns his off.

 The only calls at that time allowed then 
are family, and a special friend I have in CA.  If it's
 not am emergency please call me earlier in the
 day, but do remember we also work.

Good morning all, and please remember that
 silence at times is best.  I like my quiet time.

Shhh...I'm witnessing my thoughts.  Please forgive me if
 I don't talk much at times.  It's loud enough in my head...