Feb 17, 2021

Wednesday ~

 Stay positive.  Better things are on their way...

Yesterday it was a typical rainy day in Florida.  It rained, 
it stopped, it rained heavily , then it stopped.  Went on for
 a good part of the day.  I was in the middle of doing many 
errands and doctors visits so for me it was not the best day
 to be running around.  Arvid dislikes the rain, so of course 
he stayed in most of the time, and yes soccer was on.

The rain didn't stop me from going to my newest 
favorite Cuban cafe for a little nibble and of
 course cafe con leche.  Made my day ☕.

Arvid still asleep, Sniff came out of the bedroom, but is also
 sleeping. It's just me and the quietness of the morning.  I love it.
Good morning/day to all.  Half way done with the week already.

Couldn't resist this.  I feel very bad for everyone who 
has to be going through this terrible weather right now. 
 And another snow storm is brewing in the horizon.

Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive...