Feb 10, 2021

Halfway Done Wednesday February 10th ~

 Keep your face always towards the sunshine
 and shadows will fall behind you...

Yesterday I had a lot of time to do a few things on 
my own.  That I really enjoyed.  They may not have
 been WOW things, but for me it was a reason to get
 out, by myself and spend some alone time.  I also
 discovered a "new" Cuban cafe/bakery.  Yummy stuff.

  First stop was to the PetSmart.  Sniff always needs food.
  Suddenly he stopped eating his Sheba Salmon flavor. Been 
like this now for over a week.  He's back to eating his beef and
 turkey flavors, hence a trip to the store.  He was almost out
 of those 2 flavors.  Once again his drawer is fully stocked.

Here we are having very warm weather, Mala my sister
 is experiencing snow storms all the times are my 
relatives in New York.  At least Rio is loving it.

 This weekend's massive winter storm is now the 
second largest in New York City's history. Central Park's
 weather station recorded 26.8 inches of snow so far for 
this storm. The storm secured the third slot earlier
 in the night, surpassing the blizzard of 1888.

The record for the top slot is 26.9 inches of snow,
 which is from February 2006 -- so it's just 
1/10 off from breaking the record.

Wishing everyone happy times.  We are living in 
extraordinary time, so it's up to us to make the most of it, 
and to use each day to our advantage.  Arvid and I manage
 to stay busy no matter what.  We are thankful we still 
have some shipping business to take care of 👌😊

The only person you should try to be better than, 
is the person you were yesterday...