Feb 12, 2021

Friday January 12th ~

 A comfort zone is a beautiful place, 
but nothing ever grows there...

My parents have already received both doses of the
 Covid vaccine.  I can breathe a little easier and can 
the restof the family.  Mom and dad are older and
 we feel this is an extra protection for them. 

 Nirvana and kids have also had their 2nd dosage
 yesterday, and Reshma who was the first to receive her
 vaccine, got her second dose on Wednesday.  In Norway
 Arvid's mom already got her first dosage.  Pretty 
soon she will also receive the second.

Arvid can get the vaccine if he so wants, but right now
 we have both decided to wait and see how it goes.  I can't
 get mine right away, but I am also hesitant as to 
what to do when that day gets here.  🙈

I am leaning towards getting it.  By the time it's
my turn months would have passed and we will know
 more, and hopefully it's then available to all of us.

Friday.  We stay home again. Have Piña Coladas
 and watch TV.  Now what's not so exciting here?

Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried
 with fewer tensions and more tolerance...