Feb 8, 2021

Monday February 8th ~

Monday can either be the start to a struggle week,
or a fresh reminder that this week, you will be strong...

As the new week begins we will most likely be seeing 
lots of rain, at least that is what is being predicted.  As we 
all know, the forecasters have not always been correct.  
Hopefully the same will happen this week.  

On the other hand, as I look out, it does not look
 too good.  Yesterday we were supposed to go for a 
walk in the early evening, but the rain prevented that.  
Hopefully today is not going to be a repeat of 
the same.  Weather changes fast here.

It is currently raining here, but it is also warm. 
 Can't complain because many are having rain in 
freezing temperatures and the snow.  Terrible snow 
storms everywhere.  Even my parents in North 
Carolina had snow yesterday.  Not  the "norm".

The new week begins, and I still have not been able
 to finish all my doctors appointments.  It's going slowly,
 but it's happening.  With Covid, everything has changed, 
but so far the few appointments I have had were not so bad.  
The wait was less than I am used to.  Very happy about that.

Wishing everyone a happy start of this
 new week.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won 
the Super Bowl.  I lost the bet 💲💲 to Arvid.

One small positive thought in the
 morning can change your whole day...