Feb 13, 2021

Saturday February 13th ~

 Beautiful, beachy Florida is known as “The Sunshine State”,
 and it’s clear why. Winter over there might as well be a figment
 of your imagination. And while the weather does sometimes get 
wild, it’s mainly sunshine and balmy days down in Florida...

"Winter" hits differently in the Sunshine State.  Happy for that.

Our friends in Branson, Missouri are not so lucky.
 It's going to be an even EXTRA cold week there. I was
 told that it has not been this cold in years.  Lots of snow is
expected there, and the stores are out of salt.  Not good.

Yesterday afternoon.  balcony time.

Yesterday evening.  Hot tub time.

Always Sniff time. 

To all a happy day.  Stay warm.  Stay in and bundle up 
for all that are experiencing this extremely harsh winter 
right now.  Just have to say, we are so happy to be
 in the Sunshine State.  Wish you were here also.

Florida.. some call it vacation.  I call it home...