Feb 27, 2021

Saturday February 27th North Carolina ~

 You shouldn't wait for other people to make special 
things happen. You have to create your own memories...

One thing I will say, no matter where Arvid goes he
 does find soccer to watch. He's cold.  You can just tell
 from the way he's bundled up, it does help that he made 
everyone his famous hot chocolate yesterday and today.

My dad keeps the place cold be it summer or winter. 
 he loves it cold, on the other hand he is always covered up
 head to toe.  Summer and winter.  he even has gloves on
 in the summer.  Their home at summertime used to be an 
"icebox", but lately they have toned it down a bit.

Dinner was good.  It felt so good to actually eat 
in a restaurant again.  I almost forgot how good it is.

Back home little Sniff is doing good. Missing his
 meow's, but knowing he's good and that we will soon be 
home with him makes me smile.  I love that little dude.

Family, today's little moments 
become tomorrow's precious memories...