Feb 23, 2021

Tuesday February 23rd ~

 An open road is the most exciting part of any road trip...

In just a few days February will be over.  Two
 months into 2021 sure went by fast. February has been 
good to me.  Last week we got to see family.  It was
 such a good time.  Can't wait for the next time. 

This week we will also be seeing more of my family. 
 We see my parents in NC.  It's much easier for me 
than it is for Arvid to see family. Norway is far.

As usual my parents go all the way out when we visit.  
My mom is already asking what we would like to eat. 
 She always makes scalloped potatoes for Arvid.  He says
 she makes the best scalloped potatoes.  She really does.  
My mom is an excellent cook, and she loves to cook.

Nothing different with us.  Walks and time on the balcony. 
 Unfortunately, for some reason we do not spend as much time
 sitting out on the balcony here as we did in Puerto Rico,
 but when we do, there is never a lack of things to see. 
 People watching is always a favorite of ours.  

We have witnessed quite a few weddings yesterday. 
 On our walk yesterday we saw another couple tying the knot.
 Two men were very happy yesterday and as we passed them you
 could feel their good vibes.  Was very nice to see happiness.

Once again Sniff and I are awake too early, but Sniff
 being smarter than me😉 is already back to dreamland.  
I wish I could do the same. Not so easy anymore,
 good thing I love mornings and its quietness.

Good morning all.  May today be better than yesterday.

Take a deep breath, it's just a bad day, not a bad life...