Feb 4, 2021

February 4th ~

 Life isn't perfect, but it has perfect moments...

The cold front lingers for another day.  Once again we
 woke up to :freezing" temperatures.  At least for Florida
 life.  Arvid, Sniff and I are bundled up once again.

Last night Arvid waited until Sniff jumped up onto his
 bed so that he can cover him up with his "blankie"  Blankie
 being Sniff's sweater.  Seems like Sniff loved it, so early this 
morning Arvid got up again and covered him up.  

Sniff was happy.  When not wearing his sweater, it's 
used as his blankie.  Now Sniff sees his sweater and
 he waits for me to either put it on or cover him up. 

 Depending on his mood.  So the cold weather gives
 me a chance to "dress" Sniff up a little and get some cute
 pictures.  Good morning to all.  It is already warming up 
here in South Florida.  The day is going to be beautiful.

Take time to make your soul happy...