Feb 18, 2021

Thursday 🌴 February 18th ~

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears...

Today we go to doing a few errands together🥱 
good thing is that these errands take us by one of 
our favorite Thai restaurants. Smiling already.

Yes, at this place even Arvid has found something likes 🥳. 
Nothing new happening here. Weather is good for us, but 
not for so many. Once again Branson is snow covered and I 
am amazed at the amount of snow at Almost Home.

  Everyone is pitching together to shovel it out.  Hiring 
someone to do the job not so easy right now.  I was 
told everyone is already “taken” doing other jobs.

Pictured below are some of pictures from our Branson 
time.  This was January of 2018. Our second winter at 
the time in Branson. Cold, but always happy times.

Sometimes I think I miss it, but then I “hear” 
everyone groaning and complaining and I know how
 good we have it ☃️.  We won’t trade places with anyone
 right now  it looks pretty, but when you own a business 
it’s hard work to make sure everything works and runs 
efficiently.  Thank you Chris and T for the pictures.

Sniff is good  he sure loves his views and his favorite spots.
  I look at him and smile, he sure makes me happy.  

Arvid as usual stays busy  he finds ways to 
make himself busy 😇 wish I could do the same.  
On the other hand,  I have done some cleaning up of
 my closet space  so that makes me feel good. 

 I do a cleaning every so often and give a 
bag of stuff to Gladys, the lady who watches
 Sniff and who works in our building.

Week almost over, but so far it’s been a good one
  how about your side of the world?  Wishing everyone
 happy times and better days to come.  It's coming.

Decisions are the hardest thing to make 
especially when it is a choice between where
 you should be and where you want to be...