Mar 24, 2021

And Suddenly 😢 ~ Wednesday 😢

 I remembered that and remembering
 that I remembered everything...

Today is one of those days when suddenly I feel
 like crying.  Everything is fine with Arvid, Sniff and I. 
Somedays I just contemplate life and then some.

 This sadness has been building up in me for some time 
and today it hit me again.  A combination of so many
 things. I look back and I see the life we have lived. 

 I was remembering all the places Brutus lived with 
us.  There has been so many.  Too many if you ask me.  
Each and everyone has a special memory of our Brutus. 

 That made me sad.  In each place I can picture him, 
and I worry that with time that memory will fade.
Brutus, Shadow and Sniff shared a same
 home, of course at different times. 

 When Brutus died, Shadow came into our lives
 and into the same apartment.  Shadow only lived for a
 few months.  When Shadow died Sniff lived with us in
 the same apartment.   That is the only apartment when 
all there of our babies lived at a given time.

The last few nights I have been awake in bed remembering.  
I still remember everything.  I hope my memory will 
never fade.  Some memories are too precious.

Our life is good.  I will never complain about that, it's just 
that sometimes memories take over and I find myself
  transported just for a little into this other place in time.
 Sometimes a good memory is not always an asset.

At the end of the day, it is what it is.
The secret of change is to focus all your energy not 
of fighting the old, but on building the new...