Mar 3, 2021

Wednesday March 3rd ~

 No road is long with good company...

When it's Arvid turn to drive guess what I occupy my
 time with?  Taking pictures.  Most of the times the music
 is on, but then we like it quiet for a little.  Arvid is usually 
concentrated and quiet.  leave me time for picture taking.

As we left Florida last Thursday, we encountered 
miles and miles of fog.  Looked like your typical 
winter day.  Always good to leave and go away, but
 so so nice to return home.  I love where we live.

It was a long drive back home even though it was 
the same amount of time going to North Carolina. 
 We didn't feel tired at all, but coming home was a
 different story.  Not sure why we were so tired.

Feeling back to "normal" today.  Ready for whatever 
the day holds.  Wednesday already.  Halfway through the week.

It's not the destination.  It's the journey...