Mar 11, 2021

Happy Thursday All ~

Nothing but good times ahead...

Yesterday was an amazing day.  Strange how 
the little things we take for granted are suddenly the 
things that when "taken" away become what we long
 for.  In our case it was being on the road.  Working 
while at the same time having a good time.

Yesterday we were on the road looking for a car for
 a customer in Norway.  happy times.  Since the pandemic
 began, a little over a year ago we have not been doing 
much road trip looking for cars.  yesterday was a treat.

Making it even more of a great day was the fact
 that the car was located in a home surrounded by
 gorgeous palm trees.  As in a lot of palm trees.  

There was a breeze and the palm trees were swaying
 beautifully. That's all it took for this to be a special day.
  Adding to that specialness of the day,  Arvid and I finally
 had lunch at at an outdoor restaurant on the water. 

 The last time we ate out in Florida was March of last 
year. It felt good to sit at a restaurant and enjoy a meal. 
 Only "problem" was that it was really windy and very cold.  
March has been a little too cold this year.  Normally not the 
case.  Here in Fort Lauderdale it has been cloudy, windy and 
with lots of rain on and off, but warmer than most places.

Good day to all.  The sun came out a little and 
Sniff is trying to get as much of it as he can.  
He moves with the sun.  happy day to all.

Count your night by stars, not by shadows.
Count your life with smiles, not tears...