Mar 29, 2021

Monday March 29th Puerto Rico ~

 Home where your feet may leave but not your heart...

Bittersweet times for me.  Heartbroken because we left 
Florida, the place we have called home for as long
 as I can remember.  I always knew we had a 
place to come back to.  Not so as of now.

It's been home to Brutus, Shadow, Sniff,  Arvid and I. 
Too many memories left there, but in my heart I 
know I am coming back.  That is a given.

On the bright side, we are back in Puerto Rico where
 the sky is blue and the waters even bluer.  I love it here. 
 We all do.  For now it's home until further notice.

To all a happy day.  We are back in
 Puerto Rico and it sure is beautiful here.

If I can see it then I can do it. 
 If I just believe it, there's nothing to it...