Mar 17, 2021

St. Patrick's Day πŸ’š ~ Wednesday March 17th

 Yeah, it's St. Paddy's Day πŸ’š Everyone's Irish tonight...

Chicago 2019, March 17th.  One of the most amazing sights 
I have seen.  The Michigan River turning greenπŸ’š.  It's a long 
well thought out process, and the results is just a must see.

Beautiful as it was, it was also extremely cold. 
 From our balcony you could see the ice in the river. 
 That being said, it did not keep us indoors.  I insisted we 
had to go out and enjoy this once in a year event.

We were cold. but bundled up.  Home in Fort Lauderdale
 we don't do much.  Spring break is still in high gear.  Covid
is still around, but usually even without these factors we tend
 to stay at home. I won't mind doing something, but πŸ™ˆ

2013 Savannah, Georgia.  That year Arvid and I witnessed
 St. Patrick's day there. It was like being transported back to Ireland,
 and I have never been to Ireland.  St. Patrick's Day is HUGE there, 
but what I remember the most is the huge mess the day after.

πŸ’š Luck is believing you're lucky.  
May the good lord πŸ’š take a liking 
to you, but not too soon πŸ’š