Mar 27, 2021

It Is What It Is ~ Saturday March 27th

 There is no such thing as bad weather, just soft people...

Forever on the cold side.  Be it winter, spring, summer or fall. 
 You would never believe that Arvid is from Norway. 

 No matter the season, you will just about always find him 
in a long sleeves sweater, and shorts.  He loves his shorts.
  Reminds him that he no longer lives in Norway ⛄.

"Winters" in Florida are beautiful.  The air
 is fresh and there is a coolness to it.  I love 
it, but Arvid claims it's too cold for him.  

Spring is in the air.  At least that's what I hear 
from our families.  Happy time for all because it's
 soon time for much welcomed warmer weather for all 
who live in cold places.  Been cold long enough

For us in Florida it's just about the same.  Not
 much changes, except the humidity will soon kick in.  
That is not a nice time to be in The Sunshine State. 
 Not as far as we are concerned.  Muggy times.

Knowledge is power.  A little tidbit of knowledge shared.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest...