Mar 14, 2021

Sunday ~

One small positive thought in the 
morning can change your whole day... 

Yesterday we found ourselves once again in Jupiter.  Home
 of the most beautiful palm trees I have seen in a very long time 
in Florida.  I didn't have to go with Arvid, but I wanted to see
 the trees again and of course get pictures.  Was worth it.

Arvid and I have enjoyed this outing.  A little work combined 
with a lot of fun.  Arvid drove and I enjoyed the scenery.  Sometimes 
I forget just how beautiful Florida is.  Going to different places is a
 good reminder.  Makes me appreciate where we are even more 🌴

Lots of soccer in store today I am sure.  Best of all it is 
our relax day.  On a "normal" day we would be going out for
 dinner and enjoying a good meal combined with great views. 
 For now we still enjoy good meals at home and the view
 is not bad either.  Not complaining one bit. No siree.

I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new
 day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of 
magic waiting somewhere behind the morning...