Mar 8, 2021

Monday March 8th ~

It's a new day, so shine on...

Monday starts with a bang.  All over again.  March 
is flying by, and I really don't know how the days are 
going by so fast.  Sometimes it's scary to think of it.

Arvid has been busy with one of our friend/customer here
 in Florida.  He's visiting from Norway, and has bought 
quite some stuff that needs to be shipped to Norway.  

They have been doing some work together and 
today more of the same.  Usually Arvid and I would do
 the work together, but since the friend is here, and it's 
still pandemic times time is what everyone has.

Sniff and I will have a few hours to ourselves.  
What can I do 😁?  That's never been a problem.  I do 
know how to occupy my self in my "free" time.

Had my grandmother been alive today she would
 have turned 100 years old. Happy birthday in heaven Ma. 
 You are missed.  Mommy misses you every single day.

Every new day begins with possibilities...