Mar 16, 2021

Tuesday March 16th ~

 Party early and often.   Remember
 that it only counts as one year no matter
 how many times you celebrate 🍀

An early start of St. Patrick's Day.  Here in the Sunshine State
 and I am sure many other states the celebrations just 💚
🍀 keep going on.  Of course, a Sniff picture is a must.


Celebrations this year will not be "typical".
  Covid and all,  but here in the Sunshine State 
everyone is ready to party come what may come. 
 Consequences... what is that after all 😳😷

Spring Break in the Sunshine State.  Go where 
the Wifi is weak and the sun is strong 🌴🌞.

The most beautiful things are not 
associated with money; they are memories
 and moments. If you don't celebrate
 those, they will pass you by...