Mar 15, 2021

Monday March 15th New Week ~

Every new day begins with possibilities.
 It's up to us to  fill it with the things that 
move us toward progress and peace...  

Looking forward to what the new week holds. A
 few trips to Miami is in the picture.  All work this
 time.  Which is fine, better than staying home.

As long as we are busy I am happy.  That was one
 of the many things I enjoyed while being in Branson.  We were
 forever busy.  Sometimes maybe too much so, but I never
 had time to be "bored" or restless.  I miss those days.

  I enjoyed that phase of life very much.  No regrets, but
 always also good to move on.  Which we are good at.

Spring break is in full swing.  Everyone is in Florida.  
Everything here is full open.  It's fun in the sun.

Approach each new day as a new opportunity
 to be the person you aspire to be...