Mar 19, 2021

Friday March 19th ~

A great attitude is one of your best tools... 

My Friday didn't start out too good.  Woke up early
 to call dentists.  More specifically oral surgeons.  Yesterday 
afternoon I cracked my tooth.  Ouch. Ran to my dentist 
who said I needed to have the tooth extracted and the 
only one to do so would be an oral surgeon.

Long story short.  Because of Covid times it was not 
easy to see a doctor, but somehow I managed because of 
the pain level I was in.  Doctor was busy all day, but said
 if I didn't mid waiting he would see me when he had time.

I was there at 8:30 this morning. waited until noon.
  At 12:31pm the doctor showed up, and in less than 
two minutes my tooth was out.  Yes two minutes.

The doctor even said, "you look surprised."  I said I am.  
Told him I had expected more pain, not that I wanted pain,
 but I do not like dentists.  I told him so.  Just happy it's out.  
Now follow up in a week and hopefully all will be good.

Now time to relax and enjoy the rest of the day 
on the balcony with Arvid.  Weekend is here. 
 How do you plan to spend it?  Quiet like us?

Never whine, never complain,
 never try to justify yourself...