Mar 26, 2021

Friday March 26th ~

 The little things.  The little moments.  They aren't little.
Enjoy the satisfaction of doing little things well...

This bird has been visiting us for some time now.  At first 
Arvid was OK with it.  Thought it was so cute because the 
bird won't fly away when we were on the balcony, but then
 suddenly the bird started to poop all over the place.  Arvid 
was not so happy then.  Suddenly the bird was not that cute 
anymore.  It won't fly away, even when we go close to it.

Sniff has also been spending time people watching,
 and squirrel watching.  He has the perfect lookout 
point in the bedroom, under my desk which is really 
his bed.  I gave up my desk for him to have a bed 
with a view and lots of sunshine.  He just loves it.

Life is strange.  You never know what each day
 may hold.  So appreciate what you have and enjoy it
 to the fullest, for one day it will change.  

Change is not always bad, change is just part 
of life.  Life is a journey and who knows where it
 can take you next.  Happy Friday all.  it is the
 weekend and I am looking forward to it.

It's the little things that make life wonderful. There are 
some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm...